Soft wash Roof Cleaning

 Without soft-wash roof cleaning, your roof will lose at least half of its life. Some insurance companies are refusing to pay damage claims on dirty roofs citing poor maintenance as a cause for premature roof failure.

Many roofs are replaced as a result of how they look, which is a huge and unnecessarily premature investment.

Here in Pinellas County Fl, the humidity causes mold and mildew to grow rapidly. Commonly noticed by homeowners associations causing violations by accumulating on siding and other vertical surfaces of homes and other structures. Roof stains are also caused by algae called Gloescapsa Magma. All it takes is for one algae spore to land on your shingle and it will continue to multiply and spread. Its growth is fed by shade, moisture, and limestone filler in the shingles. In years past, the algae simply didn’t have a food source. This has changed with the introduction of fiberglass shingles during the last 20 years

Soft wash Roof Cleaning

The best method to safely clean a roof without damage is a low-pressure chemical cleaning. The number one cause of roof cleaning damage is high pressure. The Roof Cleaning Professionals Of Apple Roof Cleaning Of Pasco & Pinellas have been cleaning roofs for over 20 years!!

The Soft Wash roof cleaning process we use for roof cleaning in Pinellas County Fl is a service we provide without high pressure. High-pressure roof cleaning can create granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingles, along with many other destructive issues. Apple Roof Cleaning uses the most updated processes with the best equipment possible and high-grade solutions to clean your roof thoroughly and safely.

As the first choice and highly preferred property maintenance and exterior cleaning company in Pinellas County Fl. For cleaning or washing your tile, asphalt shingle, aluminum, or metal roof, Apple can restore your roof today. Call today for a free soft wash roof cleaning estimate today at 727 277 2524!


Apple Roof Cleaning of Pasco & Pinellas will remove those ugly black stains and roof streaks from your home. We can make your roof appear to be brand new again for an investment totaling a fraction of what it would cost to replace your roof.

 Using low pressure for cleaning and high volume rinsing, we avoid damaging your roof while still removing the harmful algae and mold spores that have developed organically on your roof over time.


Asphalt Shingle Roof Cleaning

Using a Soft Wash process, our methods don’t include using high pressure which can damage your shingles and also affect the long-term performance of your roofing system. Shingle manufacturers along with the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association (ARMA) recommend using a low-pressure process to clean your asphalt shingle roof.

Soft wash Roof Cleaning
Soft wash Roof Cleaning

Why Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Let us explain:

Black streaks that appear on shingle roofs over time are actually algae called Gloesocapsa Magma, which left uncleaned can cut the life of your roof in half. The same can be said for the green and black discoloration on tile roofs as well. Insurance companies are refusing claims and terminating policies for uncleaned roofs!

Allow us to begin by introducing ourselves:
A local family-owned & operated exterior cleaning company serving Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor Clearwater Fl with Soft washing of Tile Or Shingle Roofs. We have built our soft wash roof cleaning, and driveway cleaning business on the principles of hard work, honesty, and dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality of professional cleaning services, at affordable prices.

We aim to make the entire process easy! At the scheduled appointed time, we’ll promptly arrive and complete a full cleaning evaluation. Once we determine your specific circumstances, an action plan can be developed. Then we can review the steps we’ll take to restore the beauty of your home or property.

Before starting the job, we’ll run test patterns and you’ll see what to expect when the job is completed. We want you to be fully satisfied with your expectations! We’re sure you’d much rather proceed like this instead of having someone come in, and charge you for an entire cleaning job you’re not happy with right? There are some situations where surfaces can be cleaned and not look new, so we do our best to manage your expectations, as well as ours. Your being happy with our service is more important than us making money from a dissatisfied customer! When you give us the go-ahead, we’ll get started right away.

Soft wash Roof Cleaning

Soft wash Roof Cleaning

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